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RFE Solutions

The employment-based immigration community has recently encountered an unprecedented wave of USCIS Requests for Evidence (RFEs), and similar challenges. Silvergate Evaluations stands at the forefront of an effort to assist immigration lawyers and petitioners in confronting these challenges.

We provide specialized RFE Solutions in several areas, including but not limited to:

Specialty Occupation Letter (for H-1B Visa)

This expert letter establishes an offered H-1B position as a USCIS Specialty Occupation, which requires the minimum attainment of a Bachelor’s Degree.

Academic Evaluations

Academic Evaluations include an evaluation, review, and explanation of the individual’s institutional experience, courses completed, educational diplomas or certificates, and their US equivalent. Additionally, Silvergate maintains an active subscription to the EDGE database, and upon request an EDGE reference can be inserted into an evaluation, with no extra charge.

Managerial/Executive Capacity Letter (for L-1A / EB-1C Visas)

This expert letter assesses a foreign and/or US-based position’s responsibilities, and establishes the position(s) as Executive and/or Managerial. Such letters are completed by a university professor in the field, and clearly describe how the responsibilities and characteristics of the position satisfy the requirements of the USCIS for an Executive or Managerial position.

Specialized Knowledge Letter (for L-1B Visa)

This report includes an expert opinion letter from a professor in the field, who first performs an in-depth analysis of the company’s processes and the knowledge acquired by the beneficiary. The professor then proceeds to establish that the beneficiary possesses Specialized Knowledge of the company’s proprietary tools, processes, and methodologies based on his or her work experience for the company’s foreign office.

Business Necessity Letter (for a PERM Audit Response)

This expert letter establishes business necessity for an offered position and demonstrates that “the job duties and requirements bear a reasonable relationship to the occupation in the context of the employer’s business, and are essential to perform the job in a reasonable manner”, in accordance with regulations.

Work Experience Evaluations (for H-1B Visa)

Expert Opinion Professor Evaluations of Work Experience take into account the individual’s professional experience and issue a degree equivalency based upon USCIS regulations. These evaluations can include an Academic Evaluation of an individual, or can be based solely on experiential qualifications.

Extraordinary Ability Letter (for O-1 / EB-1A Visas)

This expert letter assesses a foreign national’s accomplishments and qualifications, and describes how he or she has satisfied the USCIS requirements for classification as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability.

Customized Solutions!

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