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As an AILA member, you and your clients deserve only the best. Silvergate Evaluations is THE evaluation service of choice for many of your AILA colleagues throughout the country because…

We offer a full spectrum of evaluation services, including academic evaluations, work experience evaluations, and combined academic and work evaluations. We also offer expert opinion letters which assist with initial petitions, RFE’s, Denials- nearly any circumstance that requires the opinion of an expert in the field.

We understand the financial and time constraints on our clients. That’s why our prices and processing times are among the best in the industry. Our standard processing time for evaluations is only three business days, with next day and same day service also available.

Our evaluations are regularly accepted by the USCIS. Silvergate is well-known as a “reliable credentials evaluation service” which USCIS requires for education evaluations. Additionally, all of our work experience evaluations are from university professors who have authority to grant credit for work experience at accredited US universities.

We are known for our appreciation of your input and comments regarding each case. If you have a revision request regarding an evaluation that has already been completed and sent to you, it will be handled with the utmost care and swiftness, typically without an extra fee.

We offer free preliminary assessments so that you can avoid paying for products you don’t need. Our knowledgeable staff will review your submitted documentation and let you know what additional information is required and whether your desired equivalency is possible.

We realize that in the ever-changing world of immigration, each case is unique and must be treated appropriately. An expert letter can be worded according to your unique requirements depending on the needs of the case at hand.

Did you receive an RFE regarding an evaluation and/or expert opinion and do not know where to start? We can let you know what we typically provide to assist with responding to this type of RFE. We have assisted attorneys in successfully responding to RFEs of all types in various fields.

We have special introductory offers available to AILA members so that you can become familiar with our expert opinion services without paying standard costs. These and other offers are often available. Please call or email our office today to ask about an introductory offer on your first case.