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We offer the following basic services:

Academic Evaluations

Academic Evaluations include an evaluation, review, and explanation of the individual's institutional experience, courses completed, educational diplomas or certificates, and their US equivalent.

Expert Opinion Professor Evaluations of Work Experience

Expert Opinion Professor Evaluations of Work Experience take into account the individual's professional experience and issue a degree equivalency based upon USCIS regulations. These evaluations can include an Academic Evaluation of an individual, or can be based solely on experiential qualifications.

Expert Opinion Letters

Expert Opinion Letters are completed by a distinguished industry authority in order to provide an "Expert Opinion" for extraordinary ability petitions, defining a Specialty Occupation, responding to RFE's, or for any other case that requires the opinion of an expert in the field. As we are aware that each case is unique, we will attempt to modify the content of each letter according to your specifications.
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Comprehensive Expert Opinion Letter and Evaluation

This comprehensive report, which is completed by an appropriately qualified expert, helps to enhance the acceptability of an H-1B petition and:
  • Details the responsibilities of an offered H-1B position and the characteristics of the employer
  • Establishes the offered position as a USCIS 'Specialty Occupation' which requires a Bachelor's or higher degree in a specific field
  • Evaluates the beneficiary's academic and/or work experience credentials as equivalent to a Bachelor's or higher degree in the required field
  • Describes the suitability of the beneficiary for the offered position in light of the fact that the degree equivalency required by the offered position has been achieved
  • Endorses the approval of the H-1B visa petition